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 First Aid packing list - From Papa mike aka Doc Mike

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PostSubject: First Aid packing list - From Papa mike aka Doc Mike   Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:34 pm

HELLO ALL. This is compliments of Dr Michael Khaw, aka Mike aka Papa Mike. For those who are wondering what to pack in a first aid kit. Here is the list for you!

Common Injuries:
1 Fractures (depending on how you land)
- common sites - collar bone, wrist bones, fingers, forearm & upper arm bones & areas of head.
2. Dislocation injuries - esp shoulder joints
3. Abrasions - knees, hands, elbows, face

The emergency kit you carry can only address the less serious types of injuries - fracture / dislocated finges / fractured collar bone / abrasions:

FIRST AID KIT should have:

1) Bandages
- Triangular bandage - X1 (for dislocated shoulder & fractured clavicle)
- Crepe bandage - 4" width X1
- 2" width X1
2) 3 M micropore tape - 2" X1
- 1" X1
3) Sterile gauze - 2 & 1/2 " by 2 & 1/2 " X 1 pack
(at least 20 pieces)
4) Cleaning solution - satches of Chlorhexidene gluconate (4 satches)

Creams / Ointment:
- antibiotic ointment 1 tube or Petroleum jelly X 1 bottle (for abrasions)
- deep heat cream - for sprains
Wooden spatulas (ice cream sticks) X4 - to be used as finger splints or applying cream

Cotton buds ( a few)

Alcohol swabs
Some pain killers - paracetamol / Ponstan
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PostSubject: Re: First Aid packing list - From Papa mike aka Doc Mike   Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:51 am

Bring only things you know how to use.

Triangular bandage untouched in its original packing is a very versatile item so do opt to bring more if you are on a longer trip.

Some simple tips....

1) Safety first: for yourself and casualty

2) Common sense!!!

3) Evaluate situation
- major injury / bleeding (direct presure to bleed) --> 995 / evacuate
- never move casualty until sure of what possible injuries were sustained unless casualty in dire danger. You do not want to aggravate injuries esp to neck and back.

4) Minor wound -> Wash with chlorhexidene or normal saline or clean running water --> antibotic ointment or petroleum jelly --> Pri Dressing (gauze) --> Sec Dressing (Crepe or Triangular Bandage)

Actually, in Singapore, I am very lenient in opting to evacuate so I carry only the basic of the basics. Handphone pls!!! Likely a clinic or hospital is down the road....

I do carry this - - for CPR.
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First Aid packing list - From Papa mike aka Doc Mike
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