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 25th September 2011 - Moving Planet Event At Orchard Youth Park

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PostSubject: 25th September 2011 - Moving Planet Event At Orchard Youth Park   Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:14 am

Hi Folks,

As part of the "Moving Planet" event to be held at Orchard Youth Park this coming Sunday, the event organiser is asking cyclists to cycle down to the event in support of the objective of this event of getting people to move away from using fossil fuel, to cycle instead of driving. To support the move of getting more people to cycle, Safe Cycling Task Force will be conducting Safe Cycling Clinics at 11am and 2pm on Sunday, 25th September.

You are welcome to ride down to the venue and visit the event which has some performances, bike maintenance workshops, etc.

Hope to see you folks, thank you!

Please read the event programme below
On 24th September, join the global movement called "Moving Planet" here in Singapore. The goal is to show people have the power, momentum and unity for the climate movement and against fossil fuel development in the media and influence change. And here in Singapore, this is done through the mobilisation of people cycling

The campaign done in Singapore will simply be to get people off the comfort of their own coach and come together to demonstrate the ability of what individuals can do in their own action to move away from fossil fuel and to learn more about what we all can do in our own daily lives to make a difference.

Here is the short write up about the event (for more details, go to :


Promote Safe cycling where it is a healthy way of life and commuting
Educate the public to rethink the way of living as responsible consumers
Promote appreciation of local youth talent

The above objectives are achieved through the following 4 means during this event that is span over two days.

National Mobilisation

In order to promote cycling in town, we will be working with the various partners and community leaders to mobilise people in Singapore to cycle to town on the day itself to orchard road for a concert performed by young aspiring artiste.

The expected turn out of cyclist to the event would be 500 cyclists ranging from teens to mature cyclist on each day.

In order to entice and encourage cycling, we would be providing free basic bicycle maintenance service and clinic among other family outreach programme. We will also allocate bicycle parking spots with security measure to ensure cyclist can have fun while being in town for the event.

Free Bicycle Parking space available from 10am – 10pm

On 24th Sept, the focus is for Mountain Bikers. The place will be setup for Mountain bikers with obstacles created and live performance on these obstacles. Public are encourage to cycle down and join the obstacle challenge!

On 25th Sept, the focus is for roadies. A day of workshop for cyclist on safe cycling as well as a place to bring family to enjoy music as they cycle and park in the heart of Orchard road on a Sunday.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition would make up of private, people and public sector to highlight and show best practices of what one can do from their own lifestyle.


Presented by a bunch of passionate young individuals called “XPOSE” that comes from a variety of varsity institutions.

The performances are done over two days; opening would be on 24th September where all stage performances will be in English language.

On the second day, all the other languages will be performed.

Stage Performances will be screen before the event and we will only be selecting talents of certain standards to be presented over the two days.

Art Space

Presented by passionate young individuals called “XPOSE” that comes from a variety of varsity institutions.

The art spaces will be divided into the following:

Fine Arts



Young talents of the above will be screen and invited to present at this space over the two days.
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25th September 2011 - Moving Planet Event At Orchard Youth Park
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