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 Got hit by a cyclist

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PostSubject: Got hit by a cyclist   Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:56 am

Hi all ,

I love cycling to East Coast Park but something unfortunte came along on a Sunday afternoon at around 5pm plus. It was very crowded and I was cycling along East Coast toward the bedok jetty. I constantly KEEPing myself on my left hand side toward the walk way as to avoid knocking into someone. As i was about to turn to the bedok jetty which is of my left hand side , i turn and check ( there is no one ) and When i was half way turning a lady cyclist suddenly came and hit at my front wheel.

Guess what? My bic was shifting away from me and i was rubbing against the ground. The next thing , I knew was my leg was bleeding and lying on the ground. There are many people around but no one help so the cyclist who had hit me ( never fall down )but offer to help me up. I was in great pain till i cant get up at all. A young teenager girl who riding pretty fast to catch up with me that why knock onto me. Only the word SORRY SORRY came out from her mouth. After she went off with her green colour bic.

I am suffering now with many bruises and cuts. One day passed , my pain around my ribs area is getting worse. What can i do? I am really damn upset and pain. If i know i should have take down her particulars and get claim from her or at least she is remoseful. I only remember one sentence i told her after hitting me down .....what are you trying to prove as i already keeping on the left lane to show that i am turning and there isnt much space left for you to cycle on my left side.....shouldnt you keep to the right side instead of my left or even behind me.

All these teenagers should use more of their common sense. It is really touturing for me cos the pain around the whole entire left side of the body is sooooo painful...cannot sleep at all.What can i do now? really lost....

I would also advise a notice board or a banner to put on both left and right side for all cyclists , rollerbladers and joggers....cos if i can fall others can be too....

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PostSubject: Re: Got hit by a cyclist   Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:29 pm

bbren wrote:
Hi all, I am suffering now with many bruises and cuts. One day passed, my pain around my ribs area is getting worse. What can i do?

1st thing 1st: Do you have a Personal Accident Insurance policy? If yes, call up your Ins agent and get advice on claims for medical coverage, expenses etc and then go see the doctor...

Wishing you speedy recovery and have that smile back on soon...
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Got hit by a cyclist
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