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 I'm sad, I'm frustrated and I'm not giving up!

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PostSubject: I'm sad, I'm frustrated and I'm not giving up!   Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:32 pm

I had my first exploring trial ride at area I live (not cycling for more than 15yrs and not a good cyclist since then =.=.). For just a one round riding (10mins)...and I fall...(as what I expect Zzzzz) due to not able to balance myself after climb up a not so high slope... I get ready to ride forward ahead a straight pavement but I fall right after I make the move. I dont dare to join your cycling group at the moment as I dont even able have the physical strength to complete a 2km PCN...

My left kneecap got rub on the hard cement groud, scratch marks and bleeding on my skin surface... haiz...I am so sad and frustrated why I am so stupid...clumsy...bruise soon to appear...

I am so nervous + panics...when I saw people/cyclist coming behind or infront towards me, I tend to hold even tighten the handlerbar..keep talking to myself steady~steady dont go hit on them....I ride thru my first Pedestrian traffic crossing first in/out turning for cars...lucky I pass thru safely... I cant ready make turn on small void I push my bike back...
I know most of you will be laughing loud when you read...

I just want to ride on PCN, sidewalk...not ROAD! I just want to do cycling as a daily exercise If I can!
But I need more encouragement and ride bravely and firm in future so I can join your group soon.

Lastly, thanks for the time spend listen to Aunty nagging Razz

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PostSubject: Re: I'm sad, I'm frustrated and I'm not giving up!   Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:29 am

I am sure you did eventually pick yourself up and rode home? Well, this initial failure would spur you to be a better rider.

Of course you should not ride on the road yet. An advice from an Uncle.
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I'm sad, I'm frustrated and I'm not giving up!
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