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 26 May 2013 NTU Slopes Loop

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PostSubject: 26 May 2013 NTU Slopes Loop   Thu May 23, 2013 1:30 am

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"NTU slopes" is a popular route for many to train and there are many rolling slopes in a relatively quiet environment. We will do 2 loops and go to Canteen 2 for makan after a good spin.

Lead: George Lim (Encik) and Vince Li (co-lead)
Sweep: Taiwoon and George Kee
Date: 26.5.2013
Time: 0730, Ride off 8am. We expect to end by 11.30
Meet point: Pioneer MRT Station (the kopi tiam side)

Route: pls wait for a while
Makan stop: NTU Canteen 2

Remarks: Road and slopes expected.Pls check ur brakes.

Ride Terms and conditions

1) Be punctual. We wait for slow riders, not late-comers.
2) Ride will be canceled if heavy rain.
3) Bring your own spare tube or cab fare.
4) Do wear a helmet if u have / Proper covered shoes for your own safety
5) Those joining the ride, pls comply to ALL LTA rules on cycling on public road during the ride.
6) Strictly cycle in a single file on public roads unless overtaking.
7) Follow the lead rider and don’t over take. Inform lead and Sweeper if u leaving group
Help one an other, it is not a race. We get home as a team, suffer as a team
9) If there is a long gap from riders, pls inform lead rider and help to spread out to avoid break contact
10) Lead rider have right to stop rider from continuing if he deems the riders to be not in a condition to ride.
11) We reserve the rights to refuse any participation from any cyclist(s) at any point of time.
12) To instill and promote safety in cycling, we will not hesitate to "STRONGLY ADVISE" rider(s) who compromises safety on himself and/or the whole group during the ride.
13) We are just an informal group of cyclists, therefore none of us is liable or responsible for any accident or mishap that occurs to you during any of the rides we organise.
14) Always cycle with safety in mind at all times.
15) By joining the ride, means you have read the Terms and Conditions with full understanding
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26 May 2013 NTU Slopes Loop
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