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 9 Aug 2013 The Merdeka Ride

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PostSubject: 9 Aug 2013 The Merdeka Ride   Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:52 pm

LovecyclingSG (LCSG) Facebook for update of the ride event.

The Merdeka Ride
Date: 9 August 2013
Time: 4:30 pm
Meeting place: Popeye at Punggol #01-05/06, 10 Tebing Lane
Our route of travel would be PGL Waterway > Hougang PCN > Defu Ave 1 > Paya Lebar > Balam PCN > Sims Ave > Kallang MCD (pitstop to ta-bao)* > Kampong Arung (PCN) > Tanjong Rhu > GBB.
PS: Pls wear red or red and white T shirt, thanks!

Hi troopers! My dear fellow Singaporeans, both new and old, inducted or natively produced.
PNR-LCSG are proud to present our feature presentation ride, The Merdeka Ride!
9 Aug represents an important day for our little island. 48 years ago, a man wept and he turned his anguish and TL into a formidable force of will, forging this island of practically nothing into a formidable economic powerhouse.

1) we are traveling on the roads for the following sections:
a) Defu Ave 1, Hougang Ave 3, Paya Lebar Way;
b) Sims Ave 3;
2) rest of the way are either the PCN or pavements;
3) the usual caveats about riding on pavements apply;
4) Kallang MCD:
a) we are stopping over to allow cyclists who wish to join us, to form up with us. Our ETA is about 1800 to 1815 hours.
b) Those who wish to stop by to pick up some makan can do so. We would have a team who would be moving ahead to lead the non-tabaoers to the destination;
Ta-baoers would be lead by a skeleton crew to the destination.

<<We advise that all riders pre-pack your makan.>>
BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL! We are not known for breaking the sound barrier during our rides, but we are not the slowest as well. Try to keep pace.
If you cant agree with our pace and u wish to fall out of our convoy, our Constitution guarantees that liberty to all citizens! (Its national day after all) Let our safeties know so that they can relay it to our team.

Thank you! Lets have a great time!
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9 Aug 2013 The Merdeka Ride
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