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 solestar cycling orthotics

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PostSubject: solestar cycling orthotics   solestar cycling orthotics I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2012 9:04 am

Hi everyone,

Im writing this post to see if anyone can help me find some information.

I have some alignment issues with my lower limbs and i have some foot problems. I get numbness in my toes due to a mortons neuroma and i also have a joint overload injury to one of the joints in the front of my foot. I recently lost a pair of cycling orthotics known as 'solestar' cycling orthotics. I left them in my bike shoes and lost them while travelling. I had them fitted in Brisbane, Australia. With them i had no problems. now i have a new pair of bike shoes, but no insoles. I'm getting heaps of pain again. I have tried many other types of cycling orthotics, but none came close to helping me. I use to get knee pains and lots of other pains in my legs as well. my legs use to rotate excessively when i cycled. the solestar insoles helped my alignment the best and actually made me faster too and took away the pressure from my joints and stopped my nerve compression.

I have been searching for someone who can fit 'Solestar' cycling orthotics in Singapore. Does anyone know of anyone who is qualified to fit them in Singapore?

any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks heaps Very Happy Very Happy
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solestar cycling orthotics
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